Dance With Me

The author dancing at the La Luna Roja flamenco show staged by Centro Flamenco in RCBC Theater last November 2017

“Life Coaching is partnering with a client in a thought-provoking and creative process designed to help the coachee maximize his/her personal and professional potential."

It’s been 12 years since I wrote this column for the Daily Tribune (from 2004 to 2006 to be exact), and I thought this v.2.0 comes at the perfect time: I’m launching my newly-rebranded website as Life Coach Em, Spirit Dancer,

Yes, this long-time lifestyle journalist (I was a full-time journo for at least 15 years) has turned into a full-fledged Life Coach. I am now dedicated to being a Professional Life Coach, with special emphasis on personal success and women empowerment, although I do work with male clients as well. My only requirement is for my coachees to want to maximize their potential and become the best versions of themselves as much as I do.

Journalism is fun, and I had a blast practicing it. I haven’t stopped editing and writing anyhow, and am fortunate to be using my skills for the sixth year now in Asian Development Bank, writing and editing for two of their internal online newsletters, along with some choice publishing projects I continue to do on the side.

But Life Coaching, which I consider my soul career, has always beckoned, probably triggered—although I didn’t realize it at the time—by my beloved father’s passing in 2011.

I had been watching reruns of the American reality TV series Starting Over the years prior, which featured life coaches led by Rhonda Britten and the women they coached. This planted the seed of Life Coaching in my heart, and when the opportunity to get a certification course from the Fowler Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching (FWI) presented itself in 2012, I went for it.

I did a lot of self-study to enhance my coaching knowledge and skills after the certification. But as I was still an active journalist, I wasn’t able to focus on being a Life Coach until 2015, which was when I left my last newspaper job. I then resolved to take further coach training courses to gain more confidence and credentials. And just last year, right after completing the Fearless Living Training Program under Rhonda Britten—the very same person who inspired me to be a Life Coach in the first place—my a-ha moment for my niche came.

It was all about combining with my Life Coaching all the lessons I had gained from the various dance classes I had immersed myself in during the same time period that I was prepping to be a coach!


I had gotten into dancing pretty much full-time hobby-wise after my dad passed away—my way of celebrating his life, and mine as well, after his death from cancer drove home the fact that life is short indeed, and I resolved to literally and figuratively dance through my life henceforth!

Now, three more relevant coach training courses after my 2012 certification, I am introducing myself to the world as Life Coach Em, Spirit Dancer. As such, I commit to get your spirit dancing, fearless and free! I do this through private one-on-one sessions—individual sessions, and for greater impact and long-term results, packages of three to six sessions, ideally spaced every other week.

Life Coaching is partnering with a client in a thought-provoking and creative process designed to help the coachee maximize his/her personal and professional potential. I bring into my practice all the learnings and training I’ve had specific to coaching, as well as the life lessons I’ve acquired in my over four decades of surviving and thriving on this planet.

As a special touch, I have distilled the life lessons from the dances that I have put my energies into the past 7 years—from Brazilian samba to Latin salsa to bellydance to flamenco—into my brand of coaching. Putting my heart and soul into each dance required the use of all my faculties and resources, as well as taught me valuable lessons as I faced the challenges and overcame the obstacles that presented themselves along the way.

Furthermore, I have incorporated these life lessons into 7 specially designed Spirit-Dance Workshops: Confidence, Balance, Purpose, Dating, Relating, Fearless, and Freedom. I will start offering these workshops in September. Each workshop is a mind-body-spirit experience, with actual dancing thrown in as a warm-up activity, and participants are guaranteed to come out of each with enhanced self-awareness, loads of creative ideas, and pulsating energy and zest for life.

It’s time for me to give back, be of service, and fulfill my soul purpose as a Life Coach, and I look forward to empowering and transforming more lives, one coachee at a time.

Corollary to that, I am writing this column bimonthly to share my insights on the day’s hot topics, or whatever else calls the attention of this life-loving, dancing Life Coach who remains ever the observant and analytical journalist at her core. Looking forward to sharing this part of my journey with you!

If you are interested in Life Coaching, and the particular brand of coaching that Life Coach Em, Spirit Dancer offers, get the full details in her website You may contact her for a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation through or message her through +63.918.916.4255. Allow Coach Em to get your spirit dancing, fearless and free!