Invest In Yourself

Life Coaching is not for people who need "fixing", but for those who want to maximize their potentials.

" As a Life Coach, I am trained to lead my coachee to a shift in mindset, which is basically what it takes to get unstuck and achieve success."

It’s one thing to be passionate about being a Life Coach, eager to get people to maximize their potentials and achieve success in whatever area of life they wish to focus on. It’s quite another to have them actually register for a Life Coaching session or sessions, attend coaching-inspired workshops and basically make that investment in themselves.

On the other hand, every single one of my coachees have come out of their session/s renewed, recharged, significantly more self-aware and determined. Every single one of them was happier, more hopeful and positive, and had a clear action plan after my coaching—all of which they were hard pressed to access a mere hour before, when they began the session.

And I’m talking about smart, driven (at their core), generally successful, emotionally healthy and mature individuals here.

You see, one of the biggest misconceptions about Life Coaching is that it’s for people who need “fixing.” Nothing could be farther from the truth.

People who need “fixing” actually do NOT need Life Coaches. Rather, they are better served by other types of helping professionals, like psychotherapists (who will help them delve into their past hurts and traumas), counselors (who will give them advice and recommendations on what to do), and mentors or consultants (who will impart expertise on a specific field or discipline).

The best way I like to explain what a Life Coach does is to equate her or him to a Success Coach. Everyone, no matter how successful or effective in other areas of life, will always have an area or two where they find themselves stuck and can do with some (or a lot of) improvement. And everyone who wants to be better and more productive will have goals they want to achieve. That’s where a Life Coach can be most helpful: getting a person to recognize a ‘stuckness’; asking powerful questions to get a person crystal clear about the situation and what’s causing it; and coming up with ways and most importantly the desire and belief that he or she can change.

My ideal clients are people who have high integrity and are committed to do what it takes to achieve their coaching goals. They may have important goals they have been putting off, or may be in life transition or considering making changes in their life. They want to tap into their full potential, are willing to be vulnerable and are ready to stop playing small and let go of their story. They know that true success is an inside-out job and recognize that they need to change to get better results.


As a Life Coach, I am trained to lead my coachee to a shift in mindset, which is basically what it takes to get unstuck and achieve success. Yes, it is as easy and as hard as that.


“Hard” because we all know how a change in behavior can (seem to) be the most difficult thing in the world. And “easy” because once such a shift is achieved, transformation readily occurs. A whole world of possibilities literally opens up for the person.

That, for me, is what makes Life Coaching so precious and worthwhile. I always ask people, what is the value of your success to you? What if you can finally get the relationship of your dreams? What if you finally open yourself up to financial abundance? What if you can achieve work-life balance and be successful in your career, as well as have time for hobbies and a rich family and social life?

Each coaching session can bring about clarity and shifts that are highly-transformative and propel the person significantly forward. Yet the most ingrained transformations happen when a person commits to several sessions. I find that the ideal coaching engagement is six sessions held every other week for a period of three months. This is because deep-seated behavior can really only be unclogged and re-set over a reasonable period of time.

Also, although each individual coaching session comes with its a-ha moments, some of the biggest realizations and shifts show up in between sessions.

I can talk about Life Coaching endlessly and still, the best and only way to truly understand and appreciate it is through experience. I encourage you to give it a try, which is really about giving yourself that time, attention and self-love so you can create your best life, and finally make your dreams come true. Individual coaching is a tremendous investment in yourself. As your partner and coach, I will support you in understanding and removing what is in the way of your desires.

In the testimonials section of my website, Ann Tero, a 27-year-old Paralegal that I coached in six-session, three-month engagement on career, relationship and fun & recreation, shares:
“I met Coach Em not during a turbulent period in my life, but during a calm one. One would think it’s only best to engage with a Life Coach when things are tough. I was wrong. My coaching encounter with Em was serendipitous because with her coaching, I have realized that I was merely cruising in my life. I was letting things happen and unfold before me.

That changed when she gently reminded me that I take a proactive role in my life, specifically that I should stop fearing facing my goals no matter how ‘ambitious’ simply because they are significant to me. One of the best tools I gained during her 6-session coaching was learning a systematic goal-setting process, of breaking down ambitious goals into more feasible segments. After all, great things are always built with time and devoted little steps. I was always encouraged by Em during these sessions and she always asked the right questions that needed asking. I stopped living in a haze after her coaching. I’m more determined to meet more goals, celebrate a life of personally defines successes, and live the best version I can be!”

Ann is such an unstoppable woman right now, she makes the Life Coach in me feel so affirmed and proud whenever I see her in person and catch her sharing her continued gains and zest for life on social media. My dream is to hold the hands of countless other coachees to such a level of joy, empowerment and success.

They know that true success is an inside-out job and recognize that they need to change to get better results.

I have coached men and women in their 20s up to their 60s, and it’s just amazing and edifying to witness the magic of coaching at work on all of them. I have coached individuals on career, love relationships, vision and life purpose, fun and recreation, work-life balance, finances, health and wellness, friends and social life and spiritual goals. They tend to come to me unsure, confused, sad and even depressed, feeling lost, angry, bitter or regretful…but whatever it is, I have never seen them leave the same person. There is always an amount of transformation that occurs during and after the session, one which makes them leave with a smile, a happy heart and a spring in their step—basically with their spirit dancing.