High Value Dating

When I talk about a high value woman, I refer to a person grounded in self-love and self-worth. In dating and relating, a high value woman carries herself in a way that is confident, self-assured and independent, while still being light, fun, open and loving. So it’s not about being standoffish at all or being high maintenance. It’s simply about being a woman who runs on true joy and self-love.


Now self-love is something that seems simple and yet can be so complex at the same time.


A person can think she is being self-loving without realizing that she is coming from the complete opposite end of the spectrum — from ego or selfishness or vanity or lack of self-awareness.


Self-love is something we learn, work on and continue to understand more every single day. It’s tantamount to realizing one’s worth as a person, getting clear about one’s purpose and values and living one’s passions.

For me, in the dating and love arena, self-love is manifested in being aware of what one wants and needs in a partner and relationship and having the courage to declare this and to go for it, with a clear plan of action.


Many women who claim to want a partner and relationship are not even close to being in such a place. So they get stuck in a place of cluelessness, helplessness, frustration and even depression about why they are alone and not getting what they want.


And then there’s the trap of expectations and why having such can keep one stuck in a place of constant disappointment and unhappiness. The good news is there are very concrete and practical ways to get out of the expectation trap.


And what about the big, scary world of dating, where men abound, yet finding actual quality men (read: men who are truly ready and available, men who are emotionally healthy and respectful of women) can be the trickiest thing on the planet.


And when one does find a man one likes and starts dating him, it becomes a question of keeping up the spark and interest, and at the same time not losing oneself in the dating relationship to the point of doing things that a high value woman just wouldn’t be doing.

It all seems so complicated isn’t it?


The great news is that so many wise men and women before us have been on to this situation, and there are as many enlightening and helpful solutions and ideas out there as there are dilemmas and confounding scenarios.

And the other great news is, I’ve been actively in the dating and relating scene for at least two decades now, and have my share of wins and stumbles to draw from. I constantly learned from the mistakes I made, as well as collected precious insights from top relationship experts about how to deal with such, or how to avoid them completely. All of these experiences and knowledge have made me stronger, more confident and more self-loving.


I am deeply motivated to share the best of what I know and believe in order to equip women with the basic tools not just to survive today’s peculiar dating scene, but to actually thrive in it. The concepts, formulas and powerful exercises I am sharing in my Love Smart High Value Dating Workshop have reinforced and increased my self-love through time, taken me to higher levels each time and ensured that I remain the hopeful and resilient woman that I am known to be.

Self-love is something we learn, work on and continue to understand more every single day.

Come join my High Value Dating Workshop on 18 May and I assure you, you will leave with a mindset and dating game plan that is fun, exciting, self-aware and rooted in good ’ol self-love. It is a fun and safe place for you to move forward in your love smart journey.


In the end, self-love is really all you need. But getting there takes work and the willingness to constantly invest in yourself. If you think this workshop is for you, contact me and secure your slot now; I only have 10 places left. You may reach me through my website www.lifecoachemguevara.com, my Facebook page Life Coach Em Guevara or my Instagram page @worksmartlovesmart for questions and registrations. I look forward to coaching you to dating success soon!