Get a Life!

I have heard often enough that no one has ever said on his deathbed that he wished he had worked harder. Unless, perhaps, the person had been a total bum and had a loser life as a result, but you know what I mean.

Whatever it is that’s driving the imbalance, it’s good to pause and take stock of how things are going and assess how they can be improved and done better

There are two kinds of workaholics. There’s the kind that needs professional, even medical help, particularly those who work to the point of addiction, using alcohol or substances to cope with work pressures. Then there are the overly hard-working individuals, who end up suffering from anxiety, fatigue and compromised relationships because they prioritize work over and above any other aspect of their life.


Whatever it is that’s driving the imbalance, it’s good to pause and take stock of how things are going and assess how they can be improved and done better. The difficulties would be: first, accepting what’s really happening; second, determining the detrimental effects of one’s choices; and third, deciding to make the necessary changes to one’s lifestyle.


My GET A LIFE! Work Smart workshop is a wake-up call in more ways than one. It will wake you up to how you are likely sabotaging your deep-down dreams and goals in favor of a reality that is neither making you truly happy nor healthy in the present. It features eye-opening exercises, offers tried and tested ways for finding balance and helps you determine which ones are best for you.

Furthermore, the workshop opens up ways for you to see life and the world from a bigger and higher perspective. You will be given the best options for being of service and giving back. These are career alternatives and activities whereby you can directly impact lives and change the world.


I myself have always had a relatively easy time keeping work-life balanced, and I’m thankful. I credit it to the example of my dad Manuel, whose life and stories imbued in me a natural appreciation for enjoying all the good things life has to offer. It was never about work, work and more work for him. It was never about making money and more money either.


My father was a military man, an Army Colonel who retired from service much earlier than his contemporaries. He took good care of our family’s needs, yet I grew up seeing him take as much care of his own. He knew how to have a good and relaxing time. He indulged his personal interests, namely, sports, both playing them and watching them live or on television; socializing with his relatives and friends; traveling, eating out and shopping, these done mostly with us; singing, dancing and the occasional trips to the casino to play poker. He taught me, without having to say a word, that living a full life with varied fun and educational occupations was the way to go.


And he wasn’t indiscriminate with his activities at all. He did things he really enjoyed, and spent time with people he truly cared for. Choosing well is really the secret to genuine happiness and growth. This is tantamount to choosing things that reflect our authentic self, needs and desires.


In my GET A LIFE! workshop, I aim to transmit this balanced way of living to all you “workaholics with a heart” out there, this time using more scientific and methodical approaches. I know it can be done because I’ve lived it my whole life. I have always had a successful work life combined with enough time for family, friends, and personal hobbies and pursuits. I have instinctively given pretty much equal attention to all slices of my life’s pie.


Work-life balance does not look the same for everyone, but I’m sure it feels the same. I want all smart, driven women to experience the fulfillment and equilibrium that only a balanced life provides. Come join my GET A LIFE! Work Smart workshop on 1 June, from 1 to 5:30 p.m. at my Work Smart, Love Smart office. You may contact me for registrations and inquiries through my Facebook page Life Coach Em Guevara, my Instagram page @worksmartlovesmart, or email me at