Zen at work

Where work or career is concerned, I can say I’ve been there and done that — from working in newspapers and magazines, universities and colleges, full-time and part-time, freelance to forming my own business. And yes, I’ve had my share of toxic environments and workmates, far-from-ideal company cultures, bosses and colleagues, personal ups and downs that have affected my work mindset and performance at some point or other.


The truth is it takes a lot of work to get to a point where you don’t let your work get to you.

Of course, it’s a bonus — although I personally consider it a prerequisite — if you love your job and have passion for what you do. Even then, by its very nature, work comes with challenges and obstacles, and therefore likely causes of stress.


One’s attitudes and behaviors, whether one realizes it or not, actually causes a lot of this stress. And this is where my workshop intervention comes in. Many times, because of ingrained habits, a person can become numb or blind to what he is doing and not doing to contribute to the stresses in his life.


My Zen at work workshop is akin to a “Pause and Reboot Button for Stressed and Frazzled Careaholics.” It offers the ultimate stress and time management solutions for women, and even men, who “care too much” and who tend to overcommit. It offers wonderful techniques to be more productive and organized, and to eliminate time and energy wasters, so you can have a happier and more peaceful work life.

by its very nature, work comes with challenges and obstacles and therefore likely causes of stress.

It all starts with how we wake up in the morning! What do you do those first minutes when you open your eyes and greet the day? I have this morning ritual I swear by, something I learned and have striven to practice daily, as it really gets me started on the right foot, and I’ll be sharing it with you.


I have surefire strategies for saying no, because saying yes when you mean no is undeniably one of the biggest time and energy wasters for people.


We will cover essential time management skills, which may sound dreary, but the truth is, we all have 24-hour days, and the one thing that separates the successful from not is how they make use of their time.


When it comes to stress management, the idea is to know and stick to healthy ways of managing stress. When people choose unhealthy ways of dealing with stress, guess what, these so-called “coping mechanisms” simply lead to more stress.


I will also be imparting the rules for my favorite stress relief — venting, and how it is different from complaining, which is simply draining and doesn’t lead to solutions.

ZEN begins when you are at peace with yourself and aligned with your reason for being.

My Zen at work Workshop will give you super-effective time and stress management techniques, and more importantly, reacquaint you with who you are and why you are working in the first place. Because zen begins when you are at peace with yourself and aligned with your reason for being.


Join me on 29 June, Saturday, at 1 to 5:30 p.m. at the Work Smart, Love Smart Office for one stress-busting afternoon! Early bird rate is extended up to 7 June. Group rates for three or more are also available, and I may also conduct this workshop for your company or team.


You may contact me through my website www.lifecoachemguevara.com, Facebook page Life Coach Em Guevara, or Instagram @worksmartlovesmart for inquiries and registrations.