Love Fearlessly!

What woman do you know is not trying to look more beautiful, to defy aging and to lose weight? I look back on my life and am saddened to note just how much time I’ve spent lamenting something to do with my looks. I remember that as a teenager, it was always about my height, or rather the lack of it; and my nose, again the lack of it; oh, and my teeth, crooked at the bottom row and slightly protruding on the top. Now, as a mature adult, it’s usually about not being slim enough, hiding gray hair and feeling “too old” for certain things.


Yes, my teenage struggles sound funny in retrospect, and my current “issues” sound all too common for women my age. However, it is really no joke how much suffering is endured by people — women, in particular — because they are unhappy with something about their physical form. Such is the importance society gives to these things, and the resulting lack of confidence and self-worth in individuals, women most especially, very often translate not just to tears and sleepless nights, or untold expense and energy expended in the name of beauty, but also to lost love and love opportunities.

LOVING fearlessly has everything to do with breaking out of one’s comfort zone.

The world needs a major change in mindset, and I am committed to helping women get over their bodies and get on with their life. This is not to say we shouldn’t take care of ourselves, definitely not. We just need to do so for the best and healthiest of reasons.


My Love Smart workshop LOVE FEARLESSLY! is all about “Embracing your deservingness for the beauty and body conscious.” It is chock-full of ideas and exercises geared towards building self-love and self-confidence, which are the pillars that set the stage for true and lasting love.


This is not to say that those lacking in self-confidence can’t find love. However, such love tends to suffer from challenges that stem from lack of self-worth — problems like possessiveness, clinginess, and infidelity, to name a few. And even when they are lucky enough to keep their relationship, such individuals are never completely happy and are unable to live their potential therein.


So what I stand for is Fearless Loving, a phrase coined by my idol and mentor, Rhonda Britten, founder and Master Coach at Fearless Living Institute in California, USA. I have learned that the only way to love fearlessly is by really loving oneself first. Loving fearlessly also has much to do with forgiveness, both for oneself and for others. And loving fearlessly has everything to do with breaking out of one’s comfort zone.


All of these are very easy to say, but the doing is a different matter. I have put together key concepts and powerful exercises for each of these challenges, and I’m excited to share and administer them in the workshop. These ideas and exercises have worked for me big time at different points in my life and I continue to turn to them when needed. I will guide workshop participants, in a safe and loving environment, to confront certain key issues in themselves that when shifted, can get them unstuck from the dating and love rut they find themselves in.

WHEN some are lucky enough to keep their relationship, others are never completely happy and are unable to live their potential therein.

And I have combined the workshop with a short fun and basic salsa and bachata work-out. These partner dances have allowed me not just to enjoy these sexy, vigorous Latin dances, but they have also taught me how to follow a man’s lead, combined of course with my own styling. See the connection? Everything we do, hobbies included, really have a bearing on other areas of our lives. This little taste of hip-shaking action is meant to drive home some of the workshop’s main lessons. And it doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, or think that you do — all you need is the willingness and courage to get up and move!


If the deep-down reason you are pushing love away is because you feel unattractive or undeserving, come and join my LOVE FEARLESSLY! Workshop on 15 June, Saturday. It will allow you to face your beauty and body issues once and for all, and come out more confident and starkly aware of your self-worth at workshop’s end. You may contact me through my website www.lifecoachemguevara, Facebook page Life Coach Em Guevara, Instagram page @worksmartlovesmart, or email for inquiries and registrations.