Rediscover Your Bliss

For all the jobs I’ve had and the many years I’ve spent in the workplace, I haven’t experienced full-on work burnout. Tired, sure, but never burnt-out. I guess I have instinctively and actively known how to keep myself from getting to that point. And I’ve been with quite a few companies, some of which did have the potential of burning me out.


Unhappy and stressed at work though, I haven’t been immune from. When one is innately passionate and gets invested in one’s job, then there’s always the potential of getting demotivated, demoralized and unhappy in the workplace. So that’s the good news for you: you can’t feel all those if you didn’t care.


I recently read an article pointing out that some employees who resign actually care the most about the company and the job they left behind. They care so much that it becomes unbearable and unacceptable for them when the organization shows no signs of becoming progressive and responsive enough to meet employees’ needs, so they resign out of frustration and helplessness.


My upcoming WORK TRAP TO WORK BLISS workshop addresses not just burn-out in the workplace, but the burn-out experienced by mothers, single moms and those who juggle a career and home duties. I’d say women are particularly prone to burn-out because they juggle so many things that they experience the resultant stress and strain.


In this Work Smart workshop, I will cover ways that women can get help, either by asking for it (the simplest way really, but it’s surprising how many find it difficult to do this) or without actually asking for it (yes, there are ways to do it on one’s own).


I will share techniques for regaining motivation, happiness and over-all satisfaction, including those that are highly effective for millennials.


In the workshop, we will distinguish between surviving and thriving, which will open your eyes to how you’re actually living your life.


I will share the rules of gratitude and acknowledgements, two valuable tools I gained from the Fearless Living Training Program I took under master coach Rhonda Britten of the Fearless Living Institute. These are simple yet powerful techniques that will change your view of life and the world.

THE workshop explores negative self-talk.

We will explore negative self-talk, or how women constantly beat themselves up, and without realizing the devastating impact it has on them and their experiences. I will share a most empowering tool that will make you feel better about yourself and your life instantly, a tool that works for me like a charm.


All these and more in my third Work Smart workshop WORK TRAP TO WORK BLISS scheduled on 27 July, Saturday, 1 to 6:30 p.m. The workshop’s powerful techniques are designed to bring back your happiness at work and zest for life! Just like the short, fun Brazilian samba workout that is part of the package—no need for dancing skills, just the willingness to move and to literally shake off that stress and negativity from your body! The workshop fee is P2,900, with an early bird rate of P2,600 for registrations and payments made by 6 July.

Group rate of P2,300 per person is available for groups of three or more, so come and experience this joyful, life-changing workshop with your work colleagues and friends!


Contact me for registrations and inquiries through my website, Facebook page Life Coach Em Guevara, and Instagram page @worksmartlovesmart. Free yourself from that work trap and regain your bliss now!