About Life Coach Em

I am EM GUEVARA and I am a Professional Life Coach. My Work Smart, Love Smart Coaching is for driven women who want success in work and in love. I want strong, smart women to never settle and to have it all!


I earned my certification from Fowler Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching (FWI). I completed the Accelerated Coach Training Program which is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF is the largest worldwide resource for professional coaches) and conducted in the Philippines by Benchmark Consulting.


I finished the Fearless Living Training Program under Rhonda Britten. Rhonda is the founder of Fearless Living Institute (FLI), which is based in California, USA, and is an acclaimed master life coach, author, coach trainer, speaker, and TV personality (an Emmy Award winner and repeat Oprah guest).




As Private One-on-One Coach – I am warm, articulate, keen, and very connected as a life coach. I can connect very well with coachees of all ages, from Millennials/Gen Y (ages 24-33) to Gen X (ages 34-54), of which I am a part.


I am a well-rounded coach, who blends my rich experience, training and intuition to help my clients achieve great results. I have integrity, and strive to always act according to the values, beliefs and principles that I hold.


As Work Smart Coach – In my over two decade-career in journalism and in the academe, I was continually faced with my own work-life balance challenges. I learned a lot about the importance of self-care, and I am passionate about helping professionals integrate these practices and intentionally choose how they want to spend their time.


I have combined a successful journalism career with fun hobbies and other pursuits for the past 20 years and counting. (I enjoy dancing Brazilian samba, Latin salsa and bachata, bellydance, and flamenco. Other regular enjoyments include bead jewelry-making, kundalini yoga, travel, and improvisational comedy/theater). I have successfully transitioned into Life Coaching, which is my soul purpose and calling.


As Love Smart Coach – I am a dating expert, having actively dated for more than 20 years. I am now in a happy relationship with a man who I consider my divine life partner and for keeps. I am known for my dating resilience, as well as my insistence on keeping my high value standards and not settling. I believe each woman is deserving of the love of a good man who is “perfect” for her, and I am committed to guiding strong, independent women like me find their own long-term partner and enjoy relationship bliss.


As Workshop Facilitator – I am fun, engaging, infectious and entertaining as a speaker/workshop facilitator. I can hold a group together, as well as give individual attention to participants, ensuring that each one is engaged, and feels safe, heard and supported. As the “dancing life coach”, my workshops which have a dance workout are stimulating, and promote joy, release and freedom.