12 August 2019
So we all know of the Bea-Gerald-Julia fracas by now, if not the nitty-gritties, then at least the gist. Actress Bea Alonzo implies that her boyfriend cheated on her, not once but twice, and then ghosted her.
29 July 2019
A woman tricked him into what seemed like an affair and in a span of four years, along with her girlfriend, managed to render him and his family homeless, got him indefinitely suspended from his job and had him accruing over $300,000 in legal bills with no end to litigation in sight.

01 July 2019
For all the jobs I’ve had and the many years I’ve spent in the workplace, I haven’t experienced full-on work burnout. Tired, sure, but never burnt-out. I guess I have instinctively and actively known how to keep myself from getting to that point. And I’ve been with quite a few companies, some of which did have the potential of burning me out.
20 June 2019
What woman do you know is not trying to look more beautiful, to defy aging and to lose weight? I look back on my life and am saddened to note just how much time I’ve spent lamenting something to do with my looks. I remember that as a teenager, it was always about my height, or rather the lack of it; and my nose, again the lack of it; oh, and my teeth, crooked at the bottom row and slightly protruding on the top. Now, as a mature adult...

17 June 2019
What I know about long-term, constant and steady, yet ever-burning love relationships is personified by my parents. They were together for 48 and a half years, and theirs was a loving, loyal, happy and solid union. Their togetherness was only cut short when my dad passed away in 2011, but even then, not a week has passed that my mom hasn’t visited my dad in the cemetery. That’s about six and a half years of weekly visits… talk about keeping it burning.
03 June 2019
Where work or career is concerned, I can say I’ve been there and done that — from working in newspapers and magazines, universities and colleges, full-time and part-time, freelance to forming my own business. And yes, I’ve had my share of toxic environments and workmates, far-from-ideal company cultures, bosses and colleagues, personal ups and downs that have affected my work mindset and performance at some point or other.

06 May 2019
I have heard often enough that no one has ever said on his deathbed that he wished he had worked harder. Unless, perhaps, the person had been a total bum and had a loser life as a result, but you know what I mean.
22 April 2019
When I talk about a high value woman, I refer to a person grounded in self-love and self-worth. In dating and relating, a high value woman carries herself in a way that is confident, self-assured and independent, while still being light, fun, open and loving. So it’s not about being standoffish at all or being high maintenance. It’s simply about being a woman who runs on true joy and self-love.

08 April 2019
Last year, I took an online course called Visionary Business School under US-based coach, speaker and author Ryan Eliason, one of the world’s top coaches for socially conscious entrepreneurs. My Life Coaching is a social enterprise as much as a career, because I consider it a service, or as Ryan Eliason puts it, “a synergy between making a living and changing the world.”
18 February 2019
So, I got called "matandang dalaga" (old maid) recently and in jest, but then I found myself mulling about it after. What’s with the term? Why do people continue to use it in these supposedly more enlightened times? And why the negative connotations that still come with it?

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