17 December 2018
Being a theater buff, I am surprised at how late I am to discover improvisational theater/comedy, or simply improv. This is definitely a case of better late than never, and long story short, after taking the teaser class given by Third World Improv, I found myself wanting more, and signed up for the eight-session Level 1 that was offered soon after.
12 November 2018
Halloween or Undas (Day of the Departed) just passed and what it means for most of us is all things fearful and spooky. Fear is huge in any practice that has to do with healing and helping, and certainly Life Coaching is one of them. A lot of the things that keep people stuck and unable to move forward or get out of unhealthy situations have to do with fear.

15 October 2018
The past few weeks, I have heard people say they were deactivating their Facebook accounts. The reasons had to do with certain negative effects it had on their emotional or mental health.
24 September 2018
When I lost my father to cancer in 2011, I was devastated. My dad was the love and center of my life and that of my family’s, and the experience was beyond painful. Dancing was where I mainly sought release and healing. And I haven’t stopped since.

17 September 2018
There are common questions and feedback I get from people who are wary of online dating, or who feel the need to warn me about its perils. Online dating may not be for everyone, but there is absolutely no reason to fear it either. Let me alleviate some of those concerns by sharing what I know about online dating.
27 August 2018
I have never had my home at the top of my mind as much as during the last 18 months. It’s been not just top of mind really, but top of heart, soul and every conceivable cell of my body have been involved in resolving the issues stemming from my decision to leave my home of 13 years, to seek, find and unexpectedly “fight” to stay in my new home of choice.

06 August 2018
It’s one thing to be passionate about being a Life Coach, eager to get people to maximize their potentials and achieve success in whatever area of life they wish to focus on. It’s quite another to have them actually register for a Life Coaching session or sessions, attend coaching-inspired workshops and basically make that investment in themselves.