Love Smart Workshops

Modern-Day Mindful Dating

Dating to Attract Quality Men for Frustrated Daters 


Are you feeling frustrated, hopeless or clueless about today’s dating landscape? Do you find yourself making the same mistakes with men, and thus getting the same infuriating and heartbreaking results?


This workshop is all about clear-headed dating for the high value woman, coming from a position of leverage and with an understanding of what men want. This workshop enables you to get the most fun, the least pain, and the best results from dating. 


Love Fearlessly!

Embracing Your Deservingness and Opening Yourself Up to Love


Are you pushing love away because you don't feel pretty enough, thin enough, this and that enough, or simply enough?


Well that's enough! This workshop opens you up to fearless loving by allowing you to face your fears and blocks once and for all. It builds self-love and confidence in relating, both of which are crucial to set up the stage for romance and for lasting love. 


Keep It Burning

Romance Restoration and Passion Secrets for Love Goddesses


Are you in a good relationship, but would like to make it even better? Are you feeling blah about a relationship that used to be amazing? Or are you in an unhappy relationship and thinking about giving up?



Here's the deal: The state of your love relationship is really mostly up to you! This workshop offers magical techniques (read: they really work!) for navigating relationship challenges, rekindling passion, and keeping the love alive. This is your best shot to revive that dying love, or make your okay relationship even better!