Marla, 30, Engineering Manager 

Coached on Career and Personal Growth goals

in a “Get This Party Started!” 5-session coaching engagement


I had my sessions with Coach Em during a time when I had to make challenging career decisions. She helped me weigh my options and narrow them down based on my strengths, talents, and capabilities. As a result, I gained confidence to ask my boss for what I want (and surprisingly got it!). She taught me to avoid constantly questioning myself, and to start acting and thinking like a boss.


I didn't think it possible, but at the end of the program, I was kinder to myself. As someone who works in a highly stressful environment, I was prone to self-sabotage. Coach Em helped me remember the importance of stress management and self-care.


Coach Em gives excellent perspective on work-life situations. She asks the right questions, and pushes you to become introspective. Every session was actionable. She kept me accountable by assigning tasks which are related to what we had discussed in our sessions. 


The best thing about Coach Em's coaching approach is that it felt like I was conversing with a wise and funny friend. She is intelligent, compassionate, and a great listener.


Coach Em will teach you how to create a new story for yourself. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!




Beauty Denila, 29, Singer-Songwriter, Soldier-Athlete, Philippine Air Force

Coached on personal growth, health and money issues

in a “Get This Party Started!” 5-session coaching engagement


As a result of Coach Em’s coaching, I stopped beating myself up and learned to love and appreciate myself better. My attitude of gratitude has been amazing and caused me awesome results. My relationship with money improved as well. I'm just so grateful for my life right now. I just stopped being miserable.


As a result of coaching, I became an optimistic person. I have been writing in my gratitude journal for more than 40 days straight now. My life stopped being a big basket of negativity.


Before Coach Em speaks, she listens first and analyzes what I am trying to say. She asks questions that lead to the solution of the problem. It's magical, to be honest; I can't explain it. Well, Coach Em knows what she's doing.


She believes in me and it meant so much. She helped me see the beauty in myself like never before. Plus she was considerate with my schedule since I am in the military. Thank you, Coach Em!




Ann Tero, 27, Paralegal

Coached on Career, Relationship, Fun & Recreation

in a 6-session, 3-month coaching engagement


I met Coach Em not during a turbulent period in my life, but during a calm one. One would think it’s only best to engage with a Life Coach when things are tough. I was wrong. My coaching encounter with Em was serendipitous because with her coaching, I have realized that I was merely cruising in my life. I was letting things happen and unfold before me. That changed when she gently reminded me that I take a proactive role in my life, specifically that I should stop fearing facing my goals no matter how "ambitious" simply because they are significant to me.


One of the best tools I gained during her 6-session coaching was learning a systematic goal-setting process, of breaking down ambitious goals into more feasible segments. After all, great things are always built with time and devoted little steps.


I was always encouraged by Em during these sessions and she always asked the right questions that needed asking. I stopped living in a haze after her coaching. I’m more determined to meet more goals, celebrate a life of personally defined successes, and live the best version I can be!



Julius C. Ordoñez

International Coach Federation-Master Certified Coach

Benchmark Consulting Founder, Coach Supervisor and Mentor Coach


Congratulations on finishing the Accelerated Coach Training Program, Coach Em! Your warmth and authenticity shone through all throughout the course!


During the 3-month ACTP practicum, you consistently exhibited genuine connectedness with your coachee, who blossomed under your coaching. During your sessions, you created awareness using very powerful questions, helped her heal and recover from heartbreak, flowed and danced in the moment, made good use of reframing and mirroring techniques, and effectively practiced listening, all of which led to her being very impacted and benefiting greatly from the overall experience. In her words, "Coach Em changed my entire point of view and revived my zest for life!"


You definitely have the coaching gift within you! Be a light and inspiration to more people!

Kelly Fox

Fearless Living Coach @ letshatch.org

Fearless Living Institute


Em is vivacious and determined in life and her approach to coaching. Her workshops are innovative and unique, combining body and spirit. You will surely leave moved and transformed!

Jean, 32, Development Professional

Coached on life purpose and on work-life balance


Coach Em has a gift of helping her clients get right to the core of their desires and life goals and has helped me to construct a very pointed vision statement which continues to guide me in achieving my goals. She has an exuberance that has been a very positive influence in helping to improve my own energy flow. Thanks, Coach Em!

Mayari, 25, Yoga Instructor

Coached on financial goals and on transitioning into a new job


It wasn't the first time I had life coaching but every session feels like the first. It was really great to have new realizations and see things in a different light. My session with Coach Em really helped me gain clarity and gave me a lot of courage. There were no concrete answers as to what should be done since the answer will still come from me, but it was exactly what I needed at that time—clarity and certainty. Certain that I am right where I need to be and things will fall into place at the right time.

Anette, 30, Interior Designer

Coached on love relationship issues


I liked how structured the process was. And how the answers or solutions all came from me and not imposed on me. It was effective because it made me realize that the answers were there all the time, it was just a matter of making me say it out loud and accept the truth about my issues and concerns.


I refer to the mission statement every time I encounter the same problems with my relationship. I always remind myself that it's not just my partner who has a problem or some issues to fix, but that I also have some things that I should fix or change so that both of us will understand each other more and will get along well together.


Coach Em will make you feel at home. She has this vibe that you know you can trust her with your concerns/issues. It's like talking to a friend.



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