Work Smart Workshops


Zen at Work

Pause and Reboot Button for Stressed and Frazzled Careaholics



Are you constantly stressed and finding it hard to be organized? Do you find yourself always taking care of others’ needs and neglecting your own?


Regain control of your life! This workshop gives the ultimate stress and time management solutions for women who care too much, and who tend to overcommit. Learn how to be more productive and organized, and how to eliminate time and energy wasters—for a happier, more peaceful you.



Work Trap to Work Bliss!

Stepping Into Joy and Well-being Break for the Burnt-out and Demotivated


Burnt out and not as productive as you wish to be? Feeling unmotivated and overly negative at work?


This workshop provides surefire ways to shift the habits and mindsets that are keeping you unhappy and stuck. Learn amazing techniques to bring back your happiness at work and zest for life!