Work Smart Workshops

Get a Life!

Work-Play Balance for Workaholics Who Want to Give Back


Ambition and making a difference can mix. The road to life balance and giving back for successful women who want to make a difference.


Zen at Work

Pause and Reboot Button for Stressed Careaholics


Regain control of your life. Stress and time management solutions for overcommitted, overwhelmed, and disorganized super women.


From Work Trap to Work Bliss!

Break Free from Work Stress and Step into Joie de Vivre and Well-being

*With a Brazilian samba workout


Burnt out, stressed or working too hard? Step into your freedom by letting go of constricting habits and mindsets that keep you stuck. Boost your physical and emotional well-being by getting out of your comfort zone and celebrating life, in the manner of sexy, festive Brazilian samba!

Workshop schedules are announced at least 2 months prior.

Gen X and Millennial rates apply, with Millennials (ages 24-33) getting 15% off the regular rate.

Early bird rate is 10% off, valid for payments made 1 month before the scheduled workshop.

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